Why Silk Rug Restoration Services Are Sought

A silk rug will provide a lot of utility along with being visually attractive. For example, you can use a silk rug to cover up blemishes and scratches that exist in a hardwood floor, and when this is done nobody will ever suspect that the rug is there to hide something. Silk rugs do well as centerpieces, and this is because they look nice and feel even better.
But as time goes on, a silk rug will begin to lose these appealing qualities. And when a rug has become unsightly, there is but one solution, and it's rug restoration. For years, our team has been sought by those who need silk rug and carpet cleaning in Long Island, but these days we are delivering a wide range of useful rug restoration services as well. Rug restoration will bring life back to your silk rug, and we can deliver rug recoloring, rug reweaving, rug binding, rug fringing, or other rug restoration services in a timely manner and for an affordable price.


How Recoloring Will Benefit A Silk Rug

Rug recoloring is a rug restoration service that is often sought by silk rug owners. If you notice your rug starting to fade, you should get a handle on the situation immediately. Rug recoloring will stop fading in its tracks, and when you get this done by us, you can bring vibrancy and uniqueness back to your rug. Our rug recoloring experts have been delivering this work for several years, and they are meticulous and detailed. With them, you never have to worry about your rug’s pattern being messed up or the rug’s dye running.

Why Silk Rug Owners Get Reweaving

Rug reweaving will come in handy when your rug starts to unravel. Silk rugs can benefit from reweaving, just like most other exotic and hand-woven rugs can. An unraveling rug should never be ignored. The longer a rug is left to unravel, the harder it'll be to get the rug back into a good condition. We have the tools and materials necessary to execute any kind of rug reweaving job, and when you get your rug back from us after reweaving it won't only be sound but appealing as well.

How Binding Can Help A Silk Rug

Rug binding is another restoration service that silk rug owners seek often. We’ll bind your rug using binding tape or a special sewing machine; the method we choose really depends on how delicate your silk rug is. When we are done with binding, your rug will be sturdy. After this, it’s likely you won't need binding again for several years, if ever again.

What Fringing Can Do For A Silk Rug

We will help you when you need rug fringing. The rug’s fringe is like its backbone, so when this begins to deteriorate it won't be long before the rest of the rug follows in its footsteps. We’ll stop the deterioration in its tracks and restore your rug so you don't have to worry about it being compromised any longer.